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7034 Unique Remover 100ml


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This unique product is designed to reduce and loosen various thickenings, keratinization and other changes of the structure of the nails and skin. “Smart” cream peeling is enriched with textured effects of only dead cells when it in contact with living cells it ceases to act.
There is no aggressive effect on the skin of the nail side folds. The composition includes hydroxy acid complex, urine, aloe vera and allantoin. For keratosis, it is recommended to combine the product with peeling “foot enzymatic peeling” (in the ratio 1: 1).
How to use: Apply a thick layer of cream on the problematic nail and leave it on for
10-15 minutes. Then remove the remnants of the product with a wet cloth and gently remove the softened part. Do not rinse!
To soften hyperkeratosis on the foot, the following method of application is recommended:
To mix 2 ml of Cuticle Peel and 2 ml of Foot Enzymatic peeling, put on problem areas on
15-20 minutes, then remove and continue further care.

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