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7012 Cornex Gel 10ml


Cornex gel – a unique drug that contributes to the removal of corns.
Effective product to remove corns. Renders keratolytic action, helps to reduce the
volume and depth of corns, slows the growth erotic cells, composed of hydroxy acids,
urea and natural extracts, having anti-inflammatory, regenerating effects.
Use only after, tormenting instructions of specialists.
Recommended for patients with diabetes.
Method of application: use once a day, in the evening.
Clean and dry the surface of the problem area of the skin, apply 1 drop of the gel and
wait for 1 -2 minutes (the product should dry up), then cover with a plaster. Repeat
the procedure daily, within 8-10 days. Care for the problemed skin areas can be
continued until the desired result.

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