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7006 Zipornit 30ml


A unique, high-performance prophylactic product for the nails and cuticle. It is used in professional procedures for the correction of ingrown nails, as well as for subsequent care at home. Reduces pain by reducing pressure on the side folds. The Oil “Zipornit”
is a multifunctional product with a complex effect:
softens and deeply nourishes the cuticle and lateral folds, prevents their dryness,
healing microtraumas, contributes to the elasticity and hydration of the nail plate.
How to use:
For Professional use of this product look in “Protocol of carrying out professional procedures of a pedicure”.
For home use: After receiving the procedure in a salon and you receive a detailed explanation from a specialist, it is recommended to apply the product on clean, dry nail plates on the side folds or on the zone of increased dryness,
skin, hands and feet, 2-3 times a day. It is recommended for patients with diabetes!
Not recommended for inflamed skin!

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