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7004 Foot Enzymatic Peeling 100ml


Enzyme peeling for deep softening and subsequent elimination of rough skin areas of the
feet and hands. Helps accelerate and normalize the update process of epidermis. Improves
microcirculation, intensively moisturizes the skin, heals, cracks, and provides antibacterial
protection. The product contains a unique composition of natural ingredients fruit acids,
enzymes isolated from papaya and other active ingredients. Suitable for dry and sensitive
skin of the feet and hands. At home, it is used as a regenerating, moisturizing mask.
In professional use, to enhance the result of the procedure, it is recommended to mix with
the cream Peeling cuticle peel (in the ratio of 1: 1)
How to use: apply 3-4 ml of peeling on the skin of the feet, paying special attention to
problem areas, including open cracks, damaged skin between fingers and on the nails
(do not massage). Then wrap in cling film for 15-20 minutes. The remnants of the product
should be cleaned with a wet wipe.

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