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7710 Cooling & Relieving Sport Gel 100ml


The drug is designed to relieve fatigue and swelling, gives a feeling of coolness, returns
energy and well-being. Provides a vasoconstriction and analgesic effect, improves blood
circulation. Reduces inflammation and local temperature. It contributes to the outflow of
blood, facilitates drainage, circulation and muscle my relaxation and removes toxins.
The product contains soothing and cooling components: chamomile, camphor, lavender,
aloe Vera, which are quickly and completely absorbed skin. The gel has a prolonged effect,
is used by athletes, as well as recommended during pregnancy, increased load on the
legs and arms.
Method of application: apply a small amount of gel to the calf, and other muscles,
lymphatic-bottom-up, 2-3 times a day or of necessity.

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